Roll of Honour Non-Operational Deaths 1945-2022

NZ Defence Force Non-Operational Died Whilst in Service

The following 1186 names are those of members of the NZ Army, RNZAF, RNZN or cadets at the time of their death, if it occurred on or after 3 September 1945. It is only of personnel who died whilst in service.

The list includes people who were medically discharged with a terminal illness, who would have died in service had they not been discharged. It includes Regulars and Territorials but not those on non-active Reserves or after retirement, or civilian employees.

This roll is to complement the list of 136 names of operational service personnel who gave their lives for their country in front-line service (in Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam and peacekeeping missions).

The Medals Office and Personnel Archives of NZ Defence Force have been most helpful in assisting me compile this list, as were the Navy Museum and Air Force Museum. I am grateful too to the many individuals who responded with names of former colleagues who they farewelled. I hope over time we can confirm details of all such deaths and, through recognition of their loss, bring some comfort to the families.

The CMT/NS Assn (North City Branch) is to be congratulated on commissioning this work, and the NZ Defence Force applauded for deciding to continue recording such deaths.

I would welcome any updates, corrections or additional information.

This table is up to date as at beginning of December 2022.

Peter Cooke BA(Hons)

Non-Operational Deaths NZDF

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