Auckland War Memorial Museum - Established in 1852, Auckland War Memorial Museum is recognised as holding nationally and internationally significant collections. The Museum tells the story of New Zealand, its place in the Pacific and its people. The Museum is a war memorial for the province of Auckland and holds one of New Zealand's top three heritage libraries. 

Auckland Cenotaph - A bibliographic database of those who have served in New Zealand's services - the best place to start your search for family military history.


National Army Museum - New Zealand's most comprehensive Army Museum with a unique collection of military exhibits, memorabilia and public research material.


Royal New Zealand Navy Museum - Housed in a 19th Century submarine mining station, the Navy Museum’s exhibitions showcase the stories of the Navy and its contribution to the development of New Zealand’s identity.


Air Force Museum - to preserve and present the history of New Zealand military aviation for commemoration, inspiration, learning and enjoyment.



Associations and Organisations:

 New Zealand Army Nursing Service - established to recognise the nurses of our military forces, past and present


New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association - Dedicated to the discovery, collection and preservation of arms of all descriptions.


The New Zealand Engineers Tunnelling Company - created to promote and recognise the endeavours of the Engineers Tunnelling Company in World War 1


75 Squadron - home to news and information regarding 75 Squadron RFC - RAF - RNZAF 


Queens Redoubt Trust - Website of news, events and activities around the development and restoration of Queen's Redoubt Pokeno



Military Historical Societies:


The Military Historical Society (UK) - founded in 1948 for the advancement of the education of the public by the promotion of the study of the history of the uniformed services of the Crown, of uniforms, weapons, and all aspects of military history, and the dissemination of knowledge relating to such matters.


The Military Historical Society of Australia - The Military Historical Society of Australia was founded in Melbourne in 1957.  Its aims are the encouragement and pursuit of study and research in military history, customs, traditions, dress, arms, equipment and kindred matters; the promotion of public interest and knowledge in these subjects, and the preservation of historical military objects with particular reference to the armed forces of Australia.


The Indian Military Historical Society - The IMHS was formed in 1983 to bring   together those interested in the military history of the Indian   Subcontinent and to encourage research and the exchange of information.   This covers a broad spectrum ranging from aspects of general military   history, to specific battles or campaigns, to the history of Service   units engaged in India, both before and after Independence, including   details of uniforms, medals, badges, buttons and other militaria.




AtoJs Online - This website contains digitised reports from selected volumes of the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives and the Votes and Proceedings of the House of Representatives.


New Zealand Defence Force Medals Information - contains information relating to all medals instituted and presented to New Zealanders since the mid 19th Century 


New Zealand Defence Force Personnel Records - information for those wanting to discover and research family members in the NZ armed forces. - Genealogy links page with a wealth of information and links for family history


 Soldiers From the Pacific -  research project  using this site as medium, to seek communication and additional information from the public and relatives regarding the service of Pacific Islanders in the NZEF in WW1. 

 The site contains a number of “teasers” to show a glimpse of some of the information and photographs to hand.  We have identified the names of 1,047  Pacific Islanders, both indigenous and expat, who enlisted and a short bio regarding their military service.  The enlistment, training and campaign activities are in the final stage of research


The NZ Arms Register Research Project - over 300 pages of information on every type of arms and weapons used by NZ military forces.

The aim is to compile and post a register and information pages and  associated articles on  Arms of Military and Police in NZ and Arms used by  NZ Forces Overseas.


The register and arms  information pages and associated articles will be subject to on going review and   will be posted on this website with copyright to the NZAR. With permission this  material can be  reproduced but subject to acknowledgement of the author  and NZAR.  

Any person or organization   interested in Arms of the Military and  Police in NZ and Arms used by NZ Forces Overseas willing to freely give their verifiable  information and prepared to critique other draft material  is welcome to  become a member of the New Zealand Arms Register Team. Please use online form  to join NZART. 


World War 1 trench and battlefield maps - McMaster University Ontario - great site to search for maps and aerial photos of the battlefields of France and Belgium in WW1