The Volunteers


Editor: Peter Cooke

Design and layout: Tony Rippon

Editorial Board: Herb Farrant, Bill Francis




The official journal of the NZMHS is published three times per year in March, July and November.

This A5 sized paperback book of around 64 pages each edition contains a wide range of articles and photographs (many in colour) covering New Zealand's military history, including details of research into this history that has been carried out by members and other contributors.

We welcome articles for inclusion into the journal, you can submit your research to the Editor via email to, images must be of print reproduction quality, 300dpi.


Current Issue - NOV 2019



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The Volunteers has been produced since 1973 and a full index covering all content featured up to May 2017 is now available. 

Click here to see a PDF index of all articles and content.

Some previous editions are available for sale to members and non-members alike, a list of back issues by Volume and Number will be available here as well as details of pricing and postage soon. 


NZMHS Literary Awards:




This award has been instituted as a means of encouraging authors from New Zealand and overseas to put forward original material that may be of value to those interested in the field of New Zealand military history.

The award does not aim to mark notable work in the spheres of military history or personal biography other than where this is of direct relevance to an improvement in the knowledge available in the field of New Zealand military history.


The principal object of the awards is to stimulate original work: the quality of presentation and the professionalism demonstrated in the approach is therefore of secondary importance.


The terms and conditions of the awards are as follows:  

 (1) An award will be made of $100 plus an inscribed certificate for the entry judged to be the best example of original research. Secondly, a sum of $50 plus certificate will be awarded to the most interesting article, not necessarily as a piece of original research submitted under the terms and conditions of this award.

  (2) All articles published in The Volunteer in the calendar year will be eligible for consideration for an award.

  (3) Entrants may be members of the New Zealand Military Historical Society or any other historical society in New Zealand or any other similar society. They may also be individuals with an interest in the subject.

  (4) The Society reserves the right to withhold the award in any given year if the entries do not comply with the terms and conditions herewith, are not deemed to be of sufficient high standard.

  (5) No essay or article may be considered on more than one occasion, although individuals may have multiple articles considered.

  (6) Essays or articles will be judged by a committee appointed by the Society.

  (7) The announcement of winners will be published in The Volunteers.



The most recent awards will be announced in an upcoming edition of The Volunteers.